Scholarship :: Movoto City Pride Contest

Scholarship :: Movoto City Pride Contest
Submission Deadline -  Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Can you tell us the 30 reasons you're proud of your city in a way that would inspire us to move there? Tell us about the history, people, parks, shops, restaurants, beaches and everything else that makes your city the greatest.

The Prize
Four winners will receive $1,000 scholarships, along with the bragging rights of having convinced us that their cities are indeed the best in their respective city groups.

How it Works
  • Write a 30-point article about the 30 things that make you proud to be from your hometown.
  • Each article segment must be accompanied by a link to a or photo - identified as being okay for commericial use - that in some way relates to the section title.
  • Submit your work!
  • We'll handle the publishing and promotion of your article on the website.
  • When the contest is over, we'll inform you of whether or not your article convinced us that your city is the best in its class.
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