Sunday Projects :: Sinjinmal Building

Sunday Projects :: Sinjinmal Building

Firm: studio_GAON
Project Location: Incheon, South Korea

At this time when industrial society changes to cultural era, we started this project to turn on the cultural switch by building a building, just as putting a book in a empty shelf. Driving along Gyeongin Expressway to go through Gajwa Interchange, you will meet Gajwa-dong, a town in Incheon, South Korea. This town took sea in the old days.

There are lots of lands reclaimed from the sea. But imagining the sea around this area seems almost impossible. We barely believed by seeing a faded photograph with the sea. In this day, roads full of high speed vehicles are surrounding this land. Instead of sea, cars are surging to enclose this land.

In this block, lumber mills, subway construction site and factories are lining the street, while apartments are surrounding the area. Grain of the town couldn't be found, just as a man with his fingerprints fainted by rough years he had...

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