Competition :: Space Prize for International Students of Architecture Design

Competition :: Space Prize for International Students of Architecture Design
Registration Deadline - Monday, September 01, 2014

Politicians, social workers and religious leaders worldwide are currently faced with the challenge of finding peaceful solutions to a host of ideological conflicts.

From ancient times to more recent days, the development of architecture has been intrinsically related to ideological and political issues. Architecture is both a useful tool and a powerful art that can be used to send out a message with plentiful expression. The twentieth century, with its tidal wave in the shifting of political, social and economic powers, gave birth to new urban landscapes and architecture in the aftermath of the war. Critical perspectives on the combative and masculine architectural form that now fill our cities, however, have led to diverse attempts to find a new kind of architecture.

As social power shifts towards the public, a reinterpretation of new powers, and the recreation of an expression of authority in architecture is at hand. The political significance of architecture must shift away from the former supportive role of power and ideology.

Changing consciousness through architecture is possible. Sharing and inhabiting a common space means as much as sharing the same ideology and philosophy of life. Can architecture claim its own powerful sense of ownership to peacefully resolve the conflicts of ideology and religion?

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