Traffic Advisory :: I-90 Median Work at Commonwealth Avenue

Traffic Advisory :: I-90 Median Work at Commonwealth Avenue
July 21/22, 2014

The first phase of construction related to replacement of the Commonwealth Avenue deck over the Turnpike is to begin on July 21 or July 22. 

The far left lane of the Turnpike will be closed east from the Allston toll barrier to just beyond the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, and westbound from the Prudential Tunnel to west of Commonwealth Avenue.  The eastbound on ramp at the Allston Interchange will be reduced from two lanes to one lane in width for a safer merge condition.

Based on traffic counts conducted before the summer season, analysis suggests that the three lanes remaining open in the peak hour should be able to accommodate the volume without additional congestion.  There may be some congestion near the toll barrier and the eastbound on ramp merge due to the narrowed roadway.

Details of Project
In the early phase of this work, the contractor will reconstruct the substructure of the bridge located in the Turnpike median.  Later in the contract, the contractor will reconstruct the median barrier to support future traffic crossovers allowing eastbound and westbound lanes of the Turnpike to be closed while the bridge deck is replaced beginning in August 2015.

The median closures will be followed by closures of the right lanes so that reconstruction of the bridge abutments can take place starting later this year and continuing until bridge deck work is scheduled in August 2015.

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