Union Square Fixer Fair :: Call for Fixers

Union Square Fixer Fair :: Call for Fixers
August 16 from 3PM to 7PM
Union Square, Somerville

The Fixer Fair is an event devoted to fixing, repairing, maintaining and making new. Attendees will be encouraged to bring items to fix and a willingness to learn how to repair instead of replace and recycle.

We are seeking participants, volunteers, workshop leaders and vendors whose work educates, encourages and employs repair.

You can:
  • Volunteer to work in the general repair tent, helping attendees diagnose problems with anything they bring in, and helping them use tools and materials to try and fix it.
  • Run a workshop or demonstration that shows how to take something apart, put something together, fix something or maintain it.
  • Promote your repair business by doing on-site repairs on common household items.
  • Run an educational workshop for kids using old or recycled items to help demonstrate making, fixing, upcycling and fabrication skills.
  • Sell upcycled or repaired things.
  • Help sign people up to start the Somerville Tool Library
  • Something else related to the theme!

Email dinagjertsen@gmail.com to get involved or check out Union Square Fixer Fair.

Union Square Fixer Fair is a community event in Union Square Somerville celebrating repair, tinkering and fixing.