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Blog Pick :: Issuu
By Steve Marcelin BDS Candidate

As we start a new year, it is always important to keep your portfolio in the back of your mind. Portfolios are the gateway to our professional carrier. gives us the opportunity to publish our portfolio so it may reach as many people as possible.  

What is Issuu?
Issuu is a website that lets you publish magazines, books, portfolios, and many more. The best part is that you can publish your portfolios for free! Issuu gets about 25,000 new publications on a daily bases, and within their collection are many BAC student portfolios.

Issuu is great because you can publish your work on it. More importantly, you should view it as tool to help better your own portfolio. The website allows people to like and comment on the posted portfolios. A student can use that as an evaluation before submitting for portfolio review at the BAC. With hundreds of portfolios at your disposal, you can quickly learn the difference between various types of portfolios.

Another reason you might appreciate this website is you get to see what your classmates are doing in terms of their own portfolio work. By looking at each others work, and how we choose to represent our work, you might find answers that you may have about portfolios. It is the perfect opportunity to look at portfolios that passed segments at the BAC.

I strongly encourage the use of this site. I can assure you that I was not hired by to convince you to use it! Check it out before you get too busy! It is free and makes it easier for potential employers to get access to your work.