Student Summer Project :: Week #11

Student Summer Project :: Week #11

Excited to be done with school for the summer but are looking for something design related to do? Want to keep your drawing skills on point? Do you want to show off how awesome you are? Well here is your chance!  Student Life and BACBlog would like to introduce the brainchild of your fellow student, Courtney Walsworth, the Student Summer Project!

Here's how it works:
  1. Each week this summer (Wednesday morning) there will be a topic/subject given,
  2. Draw what it says,
  3. Submit a picture of your drawing to within 5 days of the post,
  4. Said picture gets posted to the Student Life Facebook page and BACBlog,
  5. People "like" the drawings they like best on Facebook,
  6. You get a chance to win things (gift cards, BAC merch, and more)!
Week #11 Topic:
Design what transportation will look like in 50 years


Previous Topics
Week 10 - Design what a house might look like on the planet Mars
Week 9 - Contour drawing (don't look at your paper)
Week 8 - Study a poorly designed space, call out what makes needs to be improved
Week 7 - Study of structural support
Week 6 - Study of Light and Shade in a space
Week 5 - Human/s interacting with technology
Week 4 - Two point perspective of an exterior space
Week 3 - One point perspective of an interior space
Week 2 - An exterior landscape that you see every day
Week 1 - Single object, add in a call out showing the texture