Welcome Message from the Acting President

Welcome Message from the Acting President

Dear BAC Students –

Welcome/welcome back to the new 2014-15 Academic Year and the BAC!  This is our second year offering a completely revised set of curricula in the on-site degree programs, and we are planning improvements and further innovations we hope suit your educational needs.  These changes are largely the result of our close assessment of the courses we offered last year.  You will be hearing more about these as you get settled into your fall classes.

In the meantime, I imagine many of you have heard about some major changes at the BAC – changes that go beyond your coursework.  First, we have spent the summer building out existing, formerly under or unutilized space, mostly in our 951 Boylston Street building, to house administrative functions that were located at 100 Mass Ave.  We have now completely moved our operations into the buildings and spaces we own, along with minimally leased spaces for back-office functions.  This move has allowed the staff, faculty and administration to communicate much more easily, and we feel that our commitment to sustainability is expressed more clearly (and in action) through our efficient use of space.  You will find that both the 320 Newbury and 951 Boylston buildings will be open for your use more hours than in previous years.

The other major transition has been one of leadership.  Toward the end of July, Ted Landsmark, who served the BAC as its president for 17 years,  became the BAC’s first President Emeritus, and I was asked to step in as acting President.  Over the past month, we have been able to make quite a bit of progress as we look to streamline our administrative systems in a way that will allow us to better resource educational programs.  It is both challenging and extremely interesting to lead the College after more than five years as its provost.  Given my focus as provost, I believe that my leadership places education at the top of the priority list for the College, and I am enjoying meeting even more students and faculty and hearing about your plans and ideas.  We enjoy a vibrant and enthusiastic, supportive Board of Trustees, and we are well-poised for continued success in the ensuing semesters and years.

The BAC is a thriving community of learners, and we have much to offer both the world of design education and the world of higher education as a whole.  Please join me for a meeting to be held in the Beehive (951 Boylston) on Thursday, September 4th from 6:30 – 7:30 pm, so I can meet those of you I haven’t and greet those of you I have.  Feel free to stop in before or after your class.  Pizza will be served.  I’m sure we’ll have a lively conversation!