Blog Pick :: Architangent

Blog Pick :: Architangent
By Steve Marcelin, BDS Candidate

Architangent covers everything related to architecture.  The mission of Architangent is to make the topic of architecture more approachable.  They did so by making it easy to understand and make sense of all the architectural disciplines and more. Architangent relates architecture to everyday things in the hope to attract more than just design enthusiastic.

I they recognize that to the average person architecture can seem intimidating or overwhelming because they don’t interact with it on a regular basis. In Architangent's mission they state, “By focusing on residential projects, public buildings and local events, Architangent illustrates how the individual can experience architecture in a more personal and frequent manner. Architecture and good design exists all around us. By making the public aware of their current built environment, a dialogue can take place about the role of the individual within their community both now and in the future. Through awareness, education, and a bit of satire about the profession, Architangent aims to make architecture a discipline that is approachable by all.” This makes this site in my opinion a great site for students who are just being introduce to the field of design.

Architangent is great because it is created by students for students. It gives us a chance to see what other students outside of our community are doing and what problems they are addressing. More importantly, it is inspiring to know how to use the web as a tool to showcase our work. By creating a website like Architangent, we would be able to reach a wider audience that extends beyond our school.

Another aspect of this site we might appreciate as students are the articles. They are a great way to pass time and stay informed about various branches of the field and expand our design knowledge. For example, one of the readings covers the topic of metal insulated panels. Prior to this article I was completely ignorant of the existence of metal insulated panels.

In the thinking or conceptual part of the design development of you project, I would advised to quickly check out this site. It can only help or if you find yourself bored and wants to keep your mind sharp this is the site for you. Visit it and tell a friend.