Blog Pick :: Arendurance

Blog Pick :: Arendurance
By Steve Marcelin, BDS Candidate

Arendurance is the unfolding story of a student named Jenny and her adventure through the rigors of preparing for and taking the Architect Registration Examination. She is an intern architect who has her heart set on becoming an architect since the age of seven.

Arendurance is great because it address a stage that we all architecture students will face in our education. Her story is a common chapter in most of our lives and we can relate on many levels. Much like her, I was interested in design at an early age and will be an intern at some point. Her site informs us that we are not alone in the process. We can use the content of her site as an example of what to expect and how to address the future architect registration examination?

Another cool part of the site is the study guides. It is a great resource for graduate students who are planning to take the registration examination or for undergraduates who wish to plan ahead. She posted the guide on the part of the exams that she has passed. For us students that give us clue of what subject that we need to pay close attention to and master during the period of our architectural education.

If you are graduating soon I recommend that you check out this great resource and share with your fellow classmates what you have learn. Have some time to kill between class check it while hanging at the loft it is not only restricted to graduated students? Just like previous sites I have listed and most of the blogs out there this site was created by a student just like us and with us in mind, please take advantage of it.