Blog Pick :: Busyboo

Blog Pick :: Busyboo
By Steve Marcelin, BDS Candidate

Back from the summer and not really feeling like you are up for school yet?  Give your mind a gentle push of inspiration with

What is Busyboo?
In 2006 Busyboo was created to shows the power of simple design. Simple, uncomplicated design and most importantly, practical. Their mission is to be a source of inspiration for good design, Busyboo set out to accomplish such a mission by exploring architecture, interior spaces, and other forms of design which they hope to share creativity and beautifully but also address many aspects of the present world.

Busyboo is great because it gives us a chance to see and understand what is going on around the world in relation to design. It is not enough to just understand architectural design but with Busyboo we can visually establish the connection between architecture and other branches of design. It is the perfect tool to explain contemporary design and material use.

I personally find the book section very interesting. I happen to own a few of the books listed and recommended by the website. I can honestly say they are great sources of inspiration but more importantly, can be regarded as a great case study for some of the topics we address in class at the BAC.

There are hundreds of deign inspiration websites out there but if you happened to have some free time checkout Who knows, it can be the inspiration you need to develop a design concept one day!