Blog Pick :: We and the Color

Blog Pick :: We and the Color
By Steve Marcelin, BDS Candidate  

There is not much on the origin of We and the Color aside from the fact that it is an awesome website that will serve any design enthusiast well.  The website consists of content related to art and design.  For example, the main categories are  photography, architecture, illustration, motion, fashion, art, and design.

We and the Color is great because it is not only a good reference for concepts, but a great source of graphic representation. As BAC students, we learn that graphics are just as important as craft, in most case more valuable.  After carefully browsing, you will most likely look at art artistic representation in a whole new way. You might also see some style that you might want to adopt. 

Another reason why I like We and the Color is the architecture section.  Every article has a perfect balance between picture and what is written. That is important because it lets you develop your own critique of the design, instead of adopting one from the written part of the article. Also to those of us design majors, we would prefer the visual to the written. 

We and the Color is not your average design site. If you have some time you should definitely check it out .  If you also have some time between classes I would recommend to use this site as your pass time and let your friends know about it . Share with the BAC what you have adopted from that website.