Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Park Your Bike with Care

Park Your Bike with Care

Our new bike racks, between the 320 and 951 buildings have more capacity and are better lit than before. But the Boston Police Department warns us that bicycle thieves in the Back Bay are professionals, and worse yet, they are probably dressed up as BAC students. Below is a link to helpful tips for parking your bike a securely as possible. Let's all be vigilant in our bike lot, and report any suspicious activity to the security desk in either building, and they will involve the police as necessary. The BAC cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen property, but we can all take steps to secure bikes as thoroughly as possible, and be vigilant about unusual activity back there. When Richard Griswold, Associate Provost and Dean of Students had his bike stolen in the Back Bay, he decided to invest in renter's insurance, which may be right for you.

How to Lock Your Bicycle
Please see this great article from MassBike for best practices for locking your bike!

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