Blog Pick :: The Architectural Review

Blog Pick :: The Architectural Review
By Steve Marcelin, BDS Candidate

Most of you are familiar with the magazine called The Architectural Review. If not, there are plenty of them at the BAC library. I am not writing this to tell you to check out the library—although that would be great. I want you all to check out the website because it is amazing!

Launched in the 1900’s this magazine has a long history of nothing but greatness. In the 1900's the magazine took the British Empire by storm by become the only magazine that dealt with the artistic which distinguished it from its business side. Today it continues to be a source for practical exemplar architecture, photographs, and measured drawings of various architectural styles.

The Architectural Review is great because it lets you experience design through so many lenses. What I mean by that is you can experience it as a critic by formulating your own opinion of the article, as a chance to learn by adopting the form of graphics displayed, or as a neutral bystander by just reading the comment and reviews. This magazine might be old but there is nothing ancient about it. One click and you will discover why this magazine has a long history of success.

Other cool sections of this magazine are the Folio and videos sections. Don’t have time or getting sick of reading? Watch a video instead. They have a wide a range of videos like interviews with famous architects, such as Renzo Piano, to other topics like futuristic innovation. If you are a sucker for cool graphics like me, you will love this section. You can submit any cool graphic that you have created and see what others have done and get inspired.

I left a lot unsaid. I guess it is up to you to check it out and find the rest of the awesome things on there. As design students time is always escaping us, but on the train or bus ride during your commute to the BAC check it out. Even a just a quick scroll through and you will find something you will like!