Blog Pick :: The Underdog Architecture Student's Blog

Blog Pick :: The Underdog Architecture Student's Blog
By Steve Marcelin BDS Candidate

The Underdog Architecture Student's Blog is simple and gets straight to the point. Created by students and for students, this blog's mission is to be an online architecture school survival guide. Love and hate of design. Tips and directions. They are all on this blog.

The Underdog Architecture Student's Blog is lovely because it is super casual and makes it very easy for students to navigate its content. Within the blog there are major topics which make up the articles and also there are categorized links. The categories are Architecture Inspirations, Architecture Student Help, Software Help, and Want to be an Architect? Some of the links are our favorite design sites such as Arch Daily.

Another aspect of this blog to love is how short and personal the topics are. It makes it more efficient for us with busy schedules but also lets us know we are not in this alone. More importantly, it demonstrates a great example of using the internet as a means to reach people and connect them with your design experience.

If this is you first year in design school, or still need to learn how to survive design school, this blog is great for you. Waste no time to check it out or follow his footprint and make your own. Don’t get stuck. Remember you have resources like this one available!