Gallery Exhibition :: Convergence

Gallery Exhibition :: Convergence
By Steve Marcelin, BDS Candidate

In honor of the first annual Homecoming of the Boston Architectural College, the McCormick Gallery has a new exhibit - Convergence. BAC alumni were contacted and given a chance to display their professional work.

Many projects were submitted and the exhibit jury reviewed each project submission. The jury consisted of:

  • Karen Nelson, Head, School of Architecture
  • Russel Feldman, Overseer Emeritus
  • Stephen Messinger, M.Arch '11
  • Rayford Law, BAC Instructor
  • Cheryl Wolfe, BAC Thesis Instructor
  • Sarah Ritch, Co-Chair Alumni Exhibit
  • Richard Griswold, Associate Provost and Dean of Students.

The BAC has many successful graduates, and many of them have branched to different areas of design. The exhibit features alumni from as early as the 1960s, through more recent alumni. While viewing the exhibit, you begin to notice the evolution of the curriculum at the BAC. Submissions from alumni who graduated after the Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture programs were introduced at the BAC, are less about built space, and incorporate different forms of design (installations, furniture, art).

My favorite project from the gallery is the Sacred Heart University Chapel in Fairfield, CT. The chapel is a beautifully built form with an open layout, and a roof that is constructed to showcase tectonics. The design team chose very attractive materials for the project. The glass, lighting and wood are visually poetic - the glass allows visual connection to the landscape inside, the wood and lighting used is warm and welcoming.

Three BAC alumni at Sasaki Associates worked on the project:
  • Katherine  M. Bell, B.Arch 1995
  • Colin Booth, B.Arch 2010
  • Jonathan Grant Scott, B.Arch 2011.

I chose to attend and stay at the BAC because of the community that I see between my peers. Seeing a project built by a BAC design team, proves to me that collaboration doesn't stop after graduation.

The idea behind the exhibit was to showcase the great work of our alumni, and show students what they can do with their BAC education after graduation. By looking at the exhibit, you can learn about the history of the College and get to know the hallmarks of the designers.

The success of the exhibit as part of Homecoming has sparked talk of future alumni exhibits. One day I hope to see my work, and the work of my classmates on the gallery walls.