Reminder For Advanced Students With Card Access For After Hours Occupancy

With the half-way point of the fall semester underway, it brings about a gentle reminder to our students about awareness of their safety as increased studio access begins, particularly after the buildings have closed.

As stated in the contract that all students with card access are given, all individuals must sign into the After Hours Occupancy Log Book, located at the security guard desk of 320 Newbury Street and 951 Boylston Street. Students must note the time entered and location they will be occupying.

This will be used in case of emergencies by security personnel to identify the occupant's locations within the building. It is required that students must have their access cards in their possession at all times in case it is asked during security checks. Before exiting the building, students must note the time that they are leaving in the After Hours Occupancy Log Book.

Please refer to Access Card Rules and Policies for additional information regarding proper use of space, emergency numbers and other rules. Please remember that use of studio spaces is a privilege which can be revoked if abused.