Sunday Projects :: One Wall Moved

Sunday Projects :: One Wall Moved

Designers: UT Austin - Fall 2013 Coleman Coker Design Build Studio
Project Location: Corpus Christi, TX

At the outer edge of the South Texas Botanical Gardens, an architectural intervention connects the environmental conditions of the harsh landscape (creek, wetland, marsh, and meadow). The project continues the language of a series of wayfinders that exist on the site, leading the visitor from the main facilities out to the untamed edge.

The intervention is a simple move in the landscape. It is comprised of two wayfinding walls, a walking platform, a viewing bench, stadium seats and steps. The edge of the wall is a stark charcoal black that peers out of the  grasses. As the visitor encounters the intervention, the long wall unfolds along the perimeter while at the end of the wall the wetland is revealed on either side. The wetland’s undulating water levels mark the steps as seasonal droughts give way to flooding...

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