3-D Printing Guidelines

As we approach the end of the Fall semester, 3D printing is in high demand. To help meet these demands in an equitable fashion which allows many students to 3D print, the Coder Lab will be enforcing new usage standards for the rest of the term. Instructors have been informed about the implementation of these standards.

Usage standards are as follows:

  • For the remainder of the semester, students can 3D print one model per week on a first come first serve basis.
  • All models should be printable in 8 hours or less.  If a model will take longer than 8 hours to print, it should be simplified or scaled down in size.
  • If a student wishes to print more than one model per week, they will be asked to inform Coder Lab staff of the priority of their printing jobs, ranked first through last.  Their first model will be printed and the other models will be put on hold.  If there is time and resources in the Coder Lab, their additional models may be printed – but this is not a guarantee.