Blog Pick :: First In Architecture

Blog Pick :: First In Architecture
By Steve Marcelin, BDS Candidate

First In Architecture is is a blog for Architecture students, packed full of tips, tutorials and guides. It is a great resource for young designers and architecture students. They make it easy to understand the various aspects of being a design student and living a designer's life style.

First In Architecture is great because it focuses on the academic and practice aspects of architecture. The practice section of their site has many articles for things like tips for improving your architectural portfolio, what you wish you’d known before a job interview, and jobs that you can do with an architecture degree other than being an architect.

In addition to these tips they do have a job search section, as well as a 6 week sketch challenge where the site gives tutorials and challenges readers to improve their drawing abilities.

I recently purchased a new laptop computer but I did not want to waste money and obtain something inadequate for my needs. The post "What is the Best Laptop for Architecture Students?" was very helpful for me. It explained all the requirements for each of the popular softwares and how the hardware in machines will affect the software.

This site is very student friendly. Each article is full of information that BAC students can use in their classes or when making decisions about their career path.