Blog Pick:: Land8

Blog Pick :: Land8 
by Steve Marcelin, BDS Candidate

Land8 is a is a social media company dedicated to connecting students, professionals, and enthusiasts within the field of Landscape Architecture and Design. There are several header tabs on the site - Profiles, Projects, Products, Forum, Blog, Resources, and Jobs.

I liked reading Land8's Blog because the posts aren't overly complicated, and they used terminology that even a non-landscape architect like me could understand. I think BAC students will like the Blog at Land8 because they will be able to learn about topics that could enhance their projects.

Their Blog covers a wide range of topics such as vertical gardens, sustainable residential design, to essentials for landscape drawings. I was fascinated to read about aquaponics systems.

The Jobs section is a great resource for students and recent graduates. The Resources section can help you quickly improve your knowledge about landscape design. I just watched a video from the Resources section about how to draw trees--a necessary skill for a landscape designer, but also a valuable skill for an architectural designer for rendering.