Blog Pick :: Online Design Teacher

Blog Pick:: Online Design Teacher
By Steve Marcelin, BDS Candidate

Online Design Teacher is a website that provides notes, templates, and tutorials on the following forms of design: Design Theory, Graphic Design, Web Design, Interior Design, Games Design, and Furniture Design. The site also encourages design enthusiasts to share their work on their visitor submitted design gallery.

One section that I find very useful is the Graphic Design section, especially the tutorial on how to use the pen tool in Adobe Creative Suite. I am currently taking DME 2017 Illustration: Information Graphics, Diagramming and Publishing. In our course assignments, the pen tool is used heavily, so this tutorial was great for me. The notes explain the differences between the Adobe Photoshop pen tool and Adobe Illustrator pen tool.

Another aspect of this site students might appreciate is the Interior Material and Finishes section under the Interior Design tab. This section lists various of materials and explains the quality and application of each of the material listed. In my past studios I have been a timid about which finishes and materials I should use in my projects. After reading this section I feel more confident in my material selections.