NOMA Student Membership

NOMA is continuously striving to strengthen the organization, local chapters across the country and the members that they serve.

Below is a list of the individual benefits NOMA offers to members:
  • National voice for minority architects
  • Nationwide networking and job opportunities
  • Nationwide internship and graduate education opportunities
  • Up close and personal relationships with minority Fellows of the AIA
  • Annual national conference, with the opportunity to fellowship w/ professionals and students from across the country (and the world)
  • National competition that highlights minority student and professional accomplishments
  • Free subscription to the National NOMA Architectural magazine
  • Discounted Architectural Registration Exam (ARE) study materials
  • Access to Working Advantage member rewards program
  • National NOMA Job Center
  • National web site with various resources for all areas and levels of the profession
For more information about becoming a Student NOMA member, click here.