Blog Pick :: archi-ninja

Blog Pick :: archi-ninja
By Steve Marcelin, BDS Candidate

Archi-ninja was created in as a university assignment by Linda Bennett in 2008. She was inspired by the ethics of punk and anarchy and how it relate to architecture and criticism. Architecture functions on commissions and regulations. Anarchy, on the other hand is the suggestion that expresses negation of all power. Architecture takes advantage of regulations that anarchy wants to eliminate.

Why Film Villains Love Modern Architecture was one of my favorite posts. The post shined a light on details that I've seen in films but I had never questioned. There is educational value in these posts as well--for example, I learned there are many elements that can help define a piece of architecture Architecture can be defined by its surroundings and the events that happened around it.

Another post on the site we can appreciate is The 10 Lessons When Searching For a Job in Architecture. The post gives many useful elements to consider when job searching. The article also taught me that as a designer, I have the right to be picky and demanding in my search.

Archi-ninja is very student friendly and showcases a lighthearted way of comprehending architectural topics.