Blog Pick :: RNDRD

Blog Pick :: RNDRD
By James Donovan, BArch Candidate

RNDRD is a website dedicated to showing renderings and models from 20th century designers. They seem to focus primarily on incomplete projects and unique aspects of 20th century design. This creates a great opportunity to see the vision of 20th century designers not from their completed work but in the other projects that may otherwise have been forgotten.

Walter F Bogner, BAC Alum, Architectural Forum 77, September 1942

Images are taken from various architectural publications from the 20th century (i.e. Architectural Design, Casabella, and dozens more) and they do a great job showing effective and captivating renderings in the more than 1600 fair-use images available for viewing on their website.

Peter Cook, A+U, 1975

Editors Josh Conrad and Lauren Hamer update the site regularly and want RNDRD to be a place where people can be inspired in their professional, academic and personal research. The site is at best an attempt to be a go-to website for people of all walks of life to draw on precedent studies and at the very least a fun site full of great images. The site also has a great filtering feature where users can search for a specific designer, year, publication, and type of drawing (just remember that the RESET tab is in the white menu bar above the images, not near the filter itself). RNDRD is an especially great resource for inspiration on a final project; for example, if a student is required to create a building section for their studio project RNDRD is the perfect place to get ideas.

Charles Eames, Architectural Review v.125 n.745, Feb 1959

Although this is a great site for inspiration, don’t expect any images of Fallingwater or The Eames house here. The designers' names are familiar, but the site is full of surprising images that will pique your interest and as well as inspire.

Eugine Raskin, Pencil Points, 20 January 1939

It is a lot of fun just exploring the site and navigating through all the images using the filter or just browsing randomly. Every once and a while you bump into neither a model nor a drawing, but an article. I suggest checking them out when you find one. I leave you now with one such example. It is an article about the struggle young designers go through trying to gain experience in the field without having any prior experience. The article was written in 1939. Some things will never change.