Blog Picks :: TRXL and Method

Blog Picks :: TRXL and Method
By Steve Marcelin, BDS Candidate

TRXL and Method were both created by Evan Troxel, a designer and educator based in Los Angeles. Evan mainly designs private and public K-12 schools, civic, commercial and residential projects. TRXL has a blog, as well as information about projects that he is working on, and Method has really great tutorials.

The posts on the TRXL blog aren't overly descriptive, but they are right to the point. The blog also has a very minimalist look to it, which adds to the site's efficiency.

I took a Revit course this semester and one of the requirements was to create a real time walkthrough. One of Evan's posts on TRXL, Create A Realtime Walkthrough of Your Revit Project with Autodesk Showcase, helped me take my walkthrough to a whole new level.

Even more video tutorials can be found on Method such as RevitSketchup, Methodcast, Modeling, FormZ, and Rendering. They even have a 3D File Format Cheat Sheet to help you figure out which file type will make Program A talk to Program B.

Evan also co-hosts a podcast with friends he met on Twitter, called Archispeak. According to the site, they have "a lot of fun looking behind the veil of what really happens in the architectural profession."