BAC CNC + Woodshop Hours :: Spring 2015

BAC CNC + Woodshop Hours :: Spring 2015

Special Dates
First Day Open - Tuesday, January 20th
First Safety Session - Saturday, January 25th
Easter Observance – (closed) April 3-5th
Spring Break – (closed) March 16-20th
Last Day Open – Sunday, May 17th

Spring 2015 CNC Hours

Choose between three appointment types: Orientation, Prep, and Cut
**All students and faculty must schedule a ‘Prep’ session prior to a ‘Cut’ session.

Spring 2015 Woodshop Hours

Woodshop Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday - (Open to furniture design studio only)
  • Tuesday - 6PM-10PM (James Dean)
  • Wednesday - (closed)
  • Thursday - 6PM-10PM (James Dean / Andrew Shelburne)
  • Friday - 10AM-5PM  ( Nick Kuhl)
  • Saturday - 10AM-5PM  (David Morgan)
  • Sunday - 5PM-9PM  (James Dean)
**All students and faculty must first attend a safety session – offered on the first Saturday of every month at 10am – in order to utilize the shop.