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By Steve Marcelin, BDS candidate 

Sujith.G.S, creator of ARCHITECTURE STUDENT'S CORNER, is an architect with an interest for traveling, experiencing cultures, studying vernacular architecture, and contemporary currents. He created this blog as an effort to expand the knowledge base on architecture and urban-ism in India, and Kerala.

This blog is great because it not only encourages architectural diversity, but it can also help architects understand the difference between Indian culture and Indian design. In addition to the images of the buildings, there are opportunities to learn new architectural elements. One of these elements that I read about was the filter slab: a slab made of concrete and clay that has the  potential to reduce cost by  thirty percent without a loss in structural strength.

Another part of this blog I found interesting was the article about Rammed Earth Construction. Prior to reading this article, I had no knowledge of rammed earth and its capabilities.  After learning about rammed earth, I believe it has great potential as a sustainable building material because of its low CO2 emission, zero toxicity, and its renew-ability .

Architecture Student's Corner is a great resource for experiencing and learning about foreign architecture.  More importantly, we can use it as an example of how to better use media, such as a blog, to reach a desirable audience.