Blog Pick :: Next Nature

Blog Pick :: Next Nature
By Steve Marcelin B.Arch. Candidate

Next Nature is a blog focused on the fusion of nature and technology. The blog defines what nature is, and what our role as humans and designers is in the world. The blog covers topics such as biomimicry, biomimicmarketing, genomics design, bio-diversity + techno-diversity, and scientific design solutions that address the issues of present day.

Next Nature is great because it shows students the innovative ideas of our time, and the efficiency of their application in the real world. The blog is not necessarily design based, but the information that it contains is vital for the evolution of design and understanding certain elements of not only present day design, but the future as well. For example, an article that caught my attention was Growing Cement Like Coral. Cement in the building sector is a massive source of carbon emissions, but by studying coral reef production in the ocean, we can start to use cements that may reduce CO2 emission.

Another reason why Next Nature is great, are the lessons and concepts behind it. After browsing on the website, I personally learned that design anything is not out of reach. I also learned we can also pull knowledge from various areas and the various data collections to make design that would work in harmony with nature.

I often ask myself, "what is the future of design?" Now having explored this website, I think I can answer that question without any doubt. Next nature is definitely worth checking out, especially for design enthusiasts who happen to love science.