Blog Pick :: This Big City

Blog Pick :: This Big City
Re-blog from: Curtis Robinson, Recent BAC Alumnus

This Big City is a design blog that shares urban trends, ideas, and analyses that encourage discussion about sustainable cities. The team is made up of writers from academic and professional backgrounds from around the globe. The site is broken down into six different categories, Architecture, Planning, Culture, Transport, Bicycle, and Tech + Design. 

Wool bricks, a new sustainable replacement for clay bricks

Check out this article which introduces sustainable building materials that could transform construction. Wool bricks, which are 37% stronger than traditional bricks, are simply made by adding wool and a natural polymer found in seaweed to the clay mixture. These bricks dry hard, so they do not need to be fired like traditional bricks, reducing the embodied energy. Sustainable concrete and Paper Insulation are other innovative materials featured in the article. 

World's largest glued wood structure, Seville, Spain

A few years ago, planners of Seville, a beautiful 2,000 year-old town in southern Spain wanted to move the farmers' market location across the street from its current location in order to create a contemporary gathering place in the heart of the town.  Juergen Mayher H., a German architect, designed the new structure. The structure is made from polyurethane-covered wood which is held together by a new type of glue, making it the largest glued wood structure on earth. For more images and information on the design, click here.

The site is always looking for new writers to publish, so contact them and maybe something you write will be put on the site. If you have some spare time, or need a break, take a peak at some of the articles - many are a good quick read.