Competition :: Bamiyan Cultural Centre

Competition :: Bamiyan Cultural Centre
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Funding for cultural projects is often neglected in conflict zones. In these settings, foreign aid usually prioritizes humanitarian needs and government capacity, and views cultural projects as non-essential luxuries.

In Afghanistan, culture projects were neglected for too long in part because the results are usually not visible in the short-term, but are manifest as part of long-term development and the normalization of foreign aid. However, cultural rights are human rights and a sense of shared cultural attachment is arguably a prerequisite for achieving sustainable peace.

At this time now in Afghanistan, of transition of security responsibility from international to national forces, there is also a shift in the focus of funding from relief and humanitarian projects to long-term development.

The Bamiyan Cultural Centre project epitomizes that shift because through it, international and national entities are uniting to realize that building a nation through cultivating culture is an important way to sustain peace and advance positive aspirations for the future. Now, through this design competition, the world has the opportunity to contribute to this process.