A Call to Action!

What: Student Financial Aid Day at the State House
Where: MA State House in Boston-Great Hall, Second Floor
When: Wed., Feb. 25th:
Registration from 12:30 - 1pm;
Speaking program and legislative meetings from 1pm - 4pm
Why: Meet Senators and Representatives from your hometown
What to wear: Represent the BAC!

Wednesday, February 25th, is Student Financial Aid Day at the State House. On this day, college students from across Massachusetts visit the State House and lend their voice of support for funding of need-based financial aid programs. This is an opportunity to say thank you to legislators for last year’s funding of need-based financial aid programs that help MA students stay in MA to attend a college here. It is a powerful message of thanks when a legislator can out a student’s face and story to the budget line which funds the programs.

Participants will gather in the Great Hall, second floor, of the State House. Students will listen to brief remarks from 2 or 3 elected officials. After the speaking portion of the program, students will have the opportunity to visit the offices of the Senators and Representatives that represent their home city, and/or college.

If you are a beneficiary of MA need-based aid, and you are interested in participating in the Student Financial Aid Day at the State House, please contact Sabina Yesmin, Assistant Director of Financial Aid for more information.