Blog Pick :: BUILD

Blog pick :: Build
By: Steve Marcelin, B.Arch Candidate

Build is a blog that focuses on the development of modern design in the North West United States. The blog was created and written by BUILD LLC, an industrious architecture company based in Seattle. Build is perfect for students who are looking to understand the role of design in the world.

Build is a great website because the articles on the blog can be used as resources for design students. Students are able to get perspective on design and creations outside the academic world. For example, one of the articles named Property Research Cheat Sheet, breaks down the necessary elements needed to have effective residential property research.

Another reason to appreciate Build is appreciating how some of their projects and topics are presented in the articles. The blog articles have a strong translation between the planning phase of the projects and the actual construction. An example which demonstrates this well is the CSH2014 Design Progress. In this article the model is posted to show the initial thoughts and look of the project, and later in the article the actual construction is revealed.

Build is definitely a tool worth using in you academics and professional practice. Share it with your friends and be sure to bookmark for future use.