Happy Chinese New Year!

(Boston Architectural College is wishing everyone a Happy Chinese new year!)

Chinese New Year is a 15 day celebration starting from the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

This year is the Year of the Ram, and the Chinese Lunar Calendar starts on February 19, 2015.

One of the important activities during the Chinese New Year is to pay a New Year visit to families, friends, and neighbors, often accompanied with enthusiastic, auspicious greetings. Everyone starts off their New Year by wishing family members joy and blessings (auspicious greetings) before heading out to visit neighbors and friends.

For single adults and children, this is an exciting time of year because after you have said the auspicious greeting to a married adult, you will most likely receive a red envelope filled with money as a return.

The Chinese red envelopes that contain these monetary gifts are elegant and beautifully decorated (see above image for examples).

(Wish everyone best of luck, academic success, career advancement, to succeed, and wealth during the year of the Ram!)