NOMA Competition :: Rise - Revival of a Cultural Corridor

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Join BACNOMAS as they develop a competition team for the 2015 NOMA Student Design Competition. Students from all the disciplines are welcome. This is a chance to obtain Practice credits, and for participants to have the chance to present at the 2015 NOMA Conference; October in Philadelphia, PA. The competition involves the design of a master plan for a community based facility in Claiborne, New Orleans.

The NOMA student design competition is broken up into three components and all must be addressed in each entry.  Each components will deal with real world applications and issues associated with undeserved communities and will push students to think beyond the core principles and subject matter covered in academia. Submission will be evaluate on values such as cultural expression, design excellence, community integration, constructability, and innovative programs and technology.

Two scenarios have been provided in the competition brief. The design team must select one and defend it. Within the scenarios chosen, teams must build a facility that is community based. The design must showcase a relationship between the landscape design and the street-scapes. 

Oct 9 Deadline to submit competition entries
Oct 15-17 NOMA competition presentation

More information on the competition, and general NOMA information can be found at To get involved with NOMAS, and for any questions, contact or  Also contact NOMAS if you would like to participate, but cannot attend meetings.