SASLA :: deCordova Snowshoe Tour!

What: deCordova Snowshoe Tour
When: Sunday, February 22, 2015
Cost: $10

There are currently 3 spaces available on SASLA's re-scheduled snowshoe tour!

The new date is February 22nd, and SASLA will be picking up students at the Newton Centre T station at 10:30am.  The cost is $10 per student for snowshoe rental.  The tour includes EMS snowshoe instruction and tour of deCordova’s sculpture park, your admission to the deCordova museum and discounted snowshoe rental ($10 for rental).

E-mail to sign up!

*PLEASE NOTE: If there is no snow on the scheduled date the tour WILL go on as a "boot-tour"- wear appropriate boots for the melted conditions.

To get involved with SASLA, e-mail for more information