Vote NOW :: Open Circuit - Traveling Water

The Living With Water International Design Competition submissions have gone live, and the BAC's School of Landscape Architecture needs YOUR votes!  Please take a moment to review the entries and consider voting for the BAC's submission: Open Circuit: Traveling Water.

From the competition website:

Boston Living with Water

The Boston Harbor Association, City of Boston, Boston Redevelopment Authority, and Boston Society of Architects are pleased to host Boston Living with Water an international call for design solutions envisioning a  more resilient, more sustainable, and more beautiful Boston adapted for end-of-the-century climate conditions and rising sea levels.

The competition seeks leading planners, designers, and thinkers to help the City of Boston and area businesses and residents develop and apply new concepts and strategies, including Living with Water design principles, to increase the City’s sustainability and climate change resiliency. The Boston Living with Water Jury brings together local and international experts with a range of perspectives to review proposals, select finalists and winners, and to provide commentary on responses and competition. Selected Finalists will further advance location-specific solutions to coastal flood dangers and rising sea levels that are beautiful and replicable.

Boston Living With Water