BuildingGreen Suite Database

All BAC faculty and students have full access to the subscription-based website,  Content includes authoritative information on sustainable building strategies, topics and issues. BuildingGreen’s content is helpful in unraveling the complexities around design strategies, green materials and product information. New content is added to the website on a regular basis.

Unlike general searches for similar information on the internet, students can rely on the validity of BuildingGreen’s content. Instructors use the articles and case studies on as a primary text and as a reference source. Students using this online resource are employing a tool currently used in the field by designers, architects, builders, facility managers, and other building industry professionals.

See BuildingGreen’s syllabus supplements for articles that complement your course topics:

BuildingGreen’s content is a good source for:
1) Class reading assignments. Feature articles are an ideal length and are written in a style that builds a larger context and gives concrete examples. And beginning 2011 all feature articles end with a series of discussion questions.

2) Authoritative material for research projects. More concentrated and reliable than general web searches, BuildingGreen's information is already vetted by a reputable editorial team.

3) Case study research. Building project case studies offer insights into materials used, energy data, ratings and awards, indoor environment, site and water issues, etc.

You can find the BuildingGreen Suite on the BAC Library web site.

You can also check out YouTube for a very helpful video!