Competition :: Edge Condition at Pier 9 - The Future of Making Things

Competition :: Edge Condition at Pier 9 - The Future of Making Things
Apply by: 4.17.15
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For over 30 years, Autodesk has empowered creative makers with the means to develop ground-breaking projects. Today, Autodesk continues this legacy by producing the tools for the world’s preeminent creators to push the limits of digital design and fabrication. Dedicated to digital craftsmanship, Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop pairs leading designers, architects, roboticists, craftspeople and experts across many fields, with world-class machinery and software. By supporting creative communities like, the Pier 9 Artists in Residence Program and key partnerships in industry and academia, Autodesk recognizes the crucial role collaboration plays in the future of design. Building from this, Autodesk is seeking proposals from teams for an outdoor installation to be designed and fabricated at the Pier 9 workshop and sited on the San Francisco Embarcadero between Piers 9-15.

This project will be unlike most traditional public installations in that it is expected to actively inhabit the installation space. Applicants may propose to do this with any combination of the following strategies:
Responding to the site conditions and spirit of Pier 9, a unique workshop wherein an engaged community shares the groundbreaking projects they make by hand and with state of the art digital fabrication tools. (Integrating additional site-specific aspects into proposals is encouraged, including elements that may relate to the history, environment, demographics of the installation area.)
Incorporating digital or physical modes of interactivity.
Creating visually stunning work.
The review committee welcomes submissions in the areas of sculpture, architecture, new media, furniture and other arenas of design. Regardless of medium, the selection will be based on an interest in supporting a project that visitors will recall as memorable, meaningful or inspirational.

The project must relate to the theme of “the future of making things,” specifically the synthesis between design processes and design software, and between hand tools and digital tools. We are interested in projects that dissolve these boundaries and either erode or highlight edges. The proposal should include a plan to integrate digital fabrication at some stage of the design process, and an aspect of this must be visible in the finished work.

While the use of certain digital fabrication tools should play integral roles in the project, technology should not replace or overshadow the role of content. More specifically, the overall meaning or intention behind your proposal must be comprised of more than an enthusiasm for technology.

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