Competition :: Oporto Coworking Space - An AWA IDEAS Competition

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Submit by: 4.15.15

OPORTO CITY - Oporto is one the main cities in Portugal, with a rich culture and traditions. With a huge historic past including Christian conquests over the Muslim empire, French Napoleonic invasions in the 19th century and even a civil war during the political tensions between monarchists and liberalists, Oporto has a huge package of traditions ready to be told and explored by the all!

The Proposal
This exercise will focus on designing a Co-working space promoting the right conditions for the young creative professionals to work in the city. The project must be able to reunite professionals from all kinds of fields and have a critical and innovative thinking about the city’s actual issues and weaknesses. Located near the historic centre of the city, the site is mainly a car parking area partially under a bridge, on the top of a cliff with a unique view to the river and the opposite margin. Teams are free to explore the most bold and out of the box ideas, using for their advantage the relief of the site and also promoting new ways to innovate co-working spaces within the program stipulated. Within the co-working area the project must include a good spatial diversity demonstrating a study and analysis of the new tendencies in these new functional buildings.