Obento Series :: Lightness - Nakamura Architects Gallery Sakuranoki

Obento Series :: Lightness - Nakamura Architects Gallery Sakuranoki

Each room in this gallery designed by artist and architect Hiroshi Nakamura emphasizes a different character of space - you can see this in the different intense color and proportion assigned to each
room. The paper thin walls between rooms emphasize the dreamlike condition of this work of architecture as a whole. Even the model photographs show how each space acts as a stage for a different mood and way of being. The photo looking down on the model has the greatest affinity with a impression of a bento box. The thin division of walls, designed to be extremely thin, harken to the divisions with a bento box that are meant as merely subdivisions within a whole meal. In this way Gallery Sakuranoki, seeks to unify the viewing experience in ways a Bento cook would want their meal to be eaten, first wtih the eyes, then with the senses. As Hiroshi Nakamura describes:

We wanted to design a gallery that allows the visitors to fall in love with the paintings. ‘Falling in love’ in this instance means; to feel a special bond with them, to empathize with them, and to feel the need to be with them. I found that usually in a gallery, the paintings are hung in a bland white cubic box. In order to create an environment for intimacy between the viewer and the object, where the viewer is able to face the paintings one by one, we’ve divided the gallery into small continuous rooms. However, many rooms meant many walls taking up a lot of floor space. We've resolved this problem by repetitive wall structure using laminated timber, and reduced the wall depth down to 3cm. When the walls as thin as 3cm, the visitors no longer have the feeling of going into each rooms but more like passing through a curtain or shoji screens.”

Obento at the BAC
Hiroshi Nakamura

Part of the #ObentoAtTheBAC series