Obento Series :: Mobility – Sou Fujimoto – House N

Obento Series :: Mobility – Sou Fujimoto – House N

Contemporary society has grown increasingly mobile. Work can be conducted anywhere there is Wi-Fi or phone reception. This mobility is enhanced by electronic means – and in response, we carry our creature comforts as we travel. The bento box accommodates this newfound mobility – and provides a connection back to home and to seasonal foods. Its modules must be efficient and simple to provide a range of options. This modularity has parallels in architecture and interior design.

House N by Sou Fujimoto holds this sense of possibility in each room - and in its layered complexity. It plays with the role of the residence’s walls opening up to the street – but still provides distance and some privacy. The house holds spatial surprises as you move along the street. The rooms nest and overlap – and hold light in this emptiness. Is spatially complex and emphasizes the potential for ‘emptiness to hold many things’ 1. Rather than enclosing discrete rooms - the architect, Sou Fujimoto, connects this house to the adjacent street and its borrowed landscape. The shifting geometries show a sense of play and invites us to imagine flexible uses in spaces that are uncharacteristically open and minimal. There is a sense of transmutability and portability of these spaces depending on weather and mood.

Sou Foujimoto is a designer whose architecture often playfully arranges boxes to make us question the relationship between inside and outside. From the Children’s Center for Pychiatric Rehabilitation where a series of boxes seem to be almost thrown like dice, to the Musashino Art University Museum & Library where it appears that bookshelves hold up the building, Foujimoto’s architecture exudes a sympathy to bento and its boxes. House N, is a series of nested boxes that separate the dwelling from the street and blur the distinction between inside and outside. As Foujimoto describes: “In a nested structure, the inside is invariably the outside, and vice versa. My intention was to make an architecture that is not about space nor about form, but simply about expressing the riches of what are `between` houses and streets.”

Obento at the BAC
Sou Fujimoto
House N

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