BAC MAKERS :: Open Meeting

What: BAC MAKERS :: Open Meeting
When: Tuesday 4.14.15; 7-8:30pm
Where: the Loft

We are all MAKERS.  For millions of years humans have been MAKING.  In fact, archaeologists agree that MAKING is the fundamental act that sets humans apart from other animals. Like in the case of early man, MAKING is often the result of a functional need: to dig, man made the shovel.  To eat, he devised the fork.  To sit, he fashioned the chair.  While these tools and furniture help us navigate our world with ease, sometimes we make simply for the sake of MAKING itself.  This type of MAKING takes the form of art or sculpture.  Whether such work is born out of a calculated idea or the result of a particular feeling, its purpose does not often address a need in the physical realm. Instead, it satisfies a cognitive need that exists for those who are keen enough to see it.

The BAC is calling all faculty and student MAKERS to take part in a series of gallery exhibitions this coming fall.  Each event will feature student and faculty work, which will focus on a series of themes that are to be proposed and agreed upon in the upcoming months.  Projects will be displayed during week long public exhibitions housed on the BAC campus.  On Tuesday, April 14th at 7:00 pm, we will be holding an open forum for discussion in the Loft in the Newbury building.  Join us to discuss the many opportunities for involvement.

If you cannot make it to the forum on Tuesday, please email to stay informed.