The 'Forward' Exhibit

Forward is in the mindset of the designer. "Process" is a method of working in which one makes future design decisions based on the outcomes of previous works. The design process is always moving the designer forward with brief pauses to reflect on work completed. This reflection documents a timeline of thinking, rewinding back to the beginning. The work and activity in the gallery of the BAC is a manifestation of the idea of Forward—always seeking, making, questioning, and reflecting.

You can stop by each day to look at the video kiosk to see what is scheduled. Or follow this list:

Apr 27 – 7p-10p: 
Foundation Studio 2 Review
The foundation studios represent all of the disciplines at the BAC.
John McCampbell, Instructor

Apr 28 – 5p-7p: 
Ecology Systems Course
Sculpting with Legos: Termite Mounds and Urban Ecology
Shaun O'Rourke with special guest Sam Hammer

Apr 28 – 7p-10p:
Foundation Studio 1 Review
Paul Herbert, Aimee Epstein and Kristen Bender, Instructors

Apr 29 - 9a-12p: 
Transdisciplinary Studio Review
Manuela Mariani, Instructor

Apr 30 – 9a-12p: 
Foundation Studio 1 Review
Rich Griswold, Instructor

May 1 – 8a-8p: 
“Then and Now” This display showcases the most vital books in a design education.
Robert Adams, Curator

May 2 – 9:30a-12:30p:
Advanced Studio - Prototypes for a New Hydrological Era
Victor Perez Amado, Instructor

May 4 – 4p-10p: 
Advanced Studio - Zoo-logical + Sitework
Amy Whitesides, Jessica Wolff, Francisco Quinones, Kyle Sturgeon, Instructors

May 5 – 4p – 7p: 
Visual Thinking – Reviews
Andy Vieira, Instructor

May 6 – 9a-12p: 
Critical Reading and Research 1 Section A: Rooted Rootlessness + Critical Reading and Research 1 Section C: “Voices Unseen” – Sound, Place, and Identity
Jessica Cole & Amber Vistein, Instructors

May 6 – 12:30a-3:30p: 
Critical Reading and Research 2 Section A: Crosspollinations: Science and Art + Critical Reading and Research 2 Section C: “War and Creation of the ‘Other’”
Victoria Hallinan & Jessica Cole, Instructors

May 6 - 6:30p – 10p: 
Advanced Studio -- Pet Architecture Meets America: Compact Housing in a Compact City
Noam Dvir and Daniel Rauchwerger, Instructors