Zombie Climate Change :: Lessons for Today from the Apocalypse of Tomorrow

What: Zombies: Lessons for Today from the Apocalypse of Tomorrow
When: Friday April 10th; 6pm
Where: the Fishbowl (1st floor, 320 Newbury St.)

The Green Team will be hosting lecturer Shawn Hesse this Friday (4.10). He will  be giving a lecture titled "Zombies: Lessons for Today from the Apocalypse of Tomorrow". There will be coffee and donuts served, so bring a friend and take a study break!!

If the zombie apocalypse started tonight, would you know how to survive? What about surviving a massive snow storm, or if you had to evacuate your flooding home?

This course explores the parallels between popular zombie lore (through movies, comic books, tv shows, video games, etc.) and real life challenges facing the world due to climate change including power outages, food shortages, flooding, and civil unrest.

Through this comparison, we will uncover the survival strategies taught by fictional zombie stories, and apply them to the very real challenges of climate change.

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