FREE Workshop from!

FREE Workshop from!
Saturday June 6, 2015

Are you a fan of Interested in learning Rhino or Adobe Illustrator – and getting a little weird? SC’s next workshop is coming your way on June 6th! Free to BAC students, alumni, and faculty.

During this one day workshop, Section Cut invites students to invent intricate imaginary worlds. Through a quick manipulation of digital photography, students will extrude abstracted images to construct novel terrain. Together, we will evaluate and occupy these newly constructed sites as if they were levels of a video game – infused with speculative atmospheres and narratives. The workshop will explore the combined capabilities of Rhino and the Adobe Creative Suite, providing an opportunity to dream outside the confines of the studio brief, and a transportable graphic workflow that translates Rhino models into beautiful isometric representations. No previous experience with Rhino or Illustrator required!