BAC Summer Academy :: Gallery Show (7.31)

BAC Summer Academy - Gallery Show 
Friday, 7.31
951 Boylston Street, 3rd floor

The BAC summer academy, a four week long design studio gives high school students a chance to explore Boston and explore the world of design. Each week, students studied a part of Boston, delving into social and architectural issues through their own experiences. Students learned the how to use an architectural scale ruler, how to hand draft, utilize 3D modeling computer programs, and create physical models at different scales. Tackling different social and conceptual issues each week, they designed and modeled shipping container structures, urban decay, interventions, and public spaces.

Throughout these four short weeks, students have worked in groups or individually to produce multiple models, drawings, collages, and sketches that are now on display in the gallery. By creating studio projects, visiting offices, discussing, collaborating, presenting, and questioning their surroundings; students expand their understanding of city, spaces, and the human experience.

The gallery show is FREE and open to the public.