BAC's Huxtable Fellows Tackle Resiliency

Huxtable fellows work together with the community; Photo by David Morgan

The Boston Architectural College's Ada Louise Huxtable Fellows, who were chosen for the fellowship based on their genuine interest in design and community engagement, have been on the ground tackling one of today's most relevant topics: resiliency in the face of climate change. Over the past four months, the six students have been exploring ways to make Boston's homes and businesses more resilient against projected sea level rise and extreme temperatures associated with the world's changing climate.

The students started their Spring 2015 semester by working with the Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC) to curate and develop public material related to the Boston Society of Architects (BSA)'s Living with Water design competition, an international call for design solutions envisioning a more resilient and sustainable Boston. The students created the brochure for the competition, which they initially designed to serve as a guide.

"As the creative process unfolded, however, we saw the guide as a chance to continue and lengthen the public conversation surrounding Living with Water," explained David Morgan, Huxtable Fellow and Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the BAC. "With this new vision of the brochure's purpose, we ultimately created materials with a longer shelf life that include a thorough explanation of the competition and an informational matrix for the projects. I see everyone grab one and look at it, then put it in their pocket, which is what we wanted. The designers and people in the field who know of the project have been very happy with its outcome."

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