Scholarship :: ideapod

Scholarship :: ideapod
Submit by: October 1, 2015
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Together with ADC Forum, Ideapod is awarding a US$2000 scholarship for the best idea on the future of work. University students worldwide are invited to enter.

To apply, just answer the following question on about the future of work, using the #futureofwork:

"What will Artificial Intelligence mean for work?"

The best response, made using Ideapod's 1000 character limit, will scoop the prize.

Why This Question?

We created this scholarship because one of the most exciting and talked about technologies today is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic about what Ray Kurzweil has termed the "Singularity" - that moment when the intelligence of one machine outstrips all humanity - we can all agree the effects will be tremendous.

For some, the concept of intelligent machines is worrying. Many are concerned that machine intelligence has the capability to take away our livelihoods and ultimately destroy humanity as we know it.

Others take a more optimistic view. They predict that machines will make us our work more efficient and only remove the jobs that people don't need (or want) to do, freeing us to pursue the creative instead of the repetitive.

Either way, the Singularity could arrive faster than many believe:

Whatever you think about the Singularity, one thing's for certain: technology is going to continue to change human life in enormously important ways, and the implications for our working lives are very real.