McCormick Gallery Exhibition :: Engaged Body

Images courtesy of Design Museum Boston

McCormick Gallery Exhibition :: Engaged Body
Exhibit by Design Museum Boston and Boston Architectural College
8.20.15 - 11.10.15
McCormick Gallery

The ability to create has always existed, but with new tools come new possibilities. Emerging technologies are creating new spaces for design to happen, enabling designers to imagine and fashion individualized objects, from bracelets to kinetic surfaces that behave differently according to their environment. Engaged Body presents a range of work that allows us to travel to new places, to experience environments on a different scale, and to display style like never before. The centerpiece of the exhibit, the Rapid Jewelry Collection, is the culmination of a design challenge to re-imagine jewelry that could only exist with modern 3D printing technology.

Engaged Body is cosponsored by the Design Museum Boston and the BAC. This exhibit and its complementary programming are an opportunity to connect the work of people with a wide variety of interests, from digital animation to product design and architecture, and to bring new audiences to digital fabrication culture and its global influence in the design disciplines. Each work in the exhibit has its own way of coming into being through its material condition and its reciprocal environment—whether it is the body or topography, each work aspires to hold cultural expression in its form.

Join us for our Opening Reception during Back Bay Night Out on Thursday, September 10, 6–9 pm or for a Gallery Talk and Reception Saturday, October 10, 3–5 pm.